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Paulo Batista from Brazil

Company: Unibeleza Ind e Com de Cosmeticos Ltda
Country: Brazil
Industry: personal-care-and-cosmetics
Target Countries: United States,
About Us: Biotipo Brasil began its activities of production and commercialization of cosmetics in May of 2002. Its factory has a modern infrastructure with own laboratory for analysis and development of new products, in besides a team of highly qualified professionals. Its constant investments in technology result in the development of specific lines for the daily care of the health and beauty of the threads. Biotipo Brazil products are fully developed with high quality raw materials, carefully selected and with natural and organic assets of the Amazon forest. Biotipo Brazil offers products formulated Free from Formaldehyde, Aldehydes, Parabens, Sulfates, Petroleum By-Products, PetroChemicals, Harsh Ingredients, Artificial Chemicals, Is Nonarcinogenic, & No Animal Testing. We offer a complete mix of cosmetic products that meet the different biotypes of women. Biotipo Brazil Products are already available in pharmacies, drugstores, drugstore, cosmetics stores, perfumeries and beauty salons.
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