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Company: Linea Shop
Country: Estonia
Industry: personal-care-and-cosmetics
Target Countries: Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Syria,
About Us: Linea Shop started with the love of the two sisters for the best products for their hair, when Linea Natura products were discovered and experienced, it can be said that for the first time the wow effect in daily hair care. In order to keep their hair perfectly clean, well-groomed and wonderfully soft, they turned to an Italian manufacturer's family business, went to see the production on site and made sure of the quality, and started marketing hair products in Estonia. If at first the goal was to bring products to Estonia for the needs of oneself and the nearest circle of friends, then rumors about wonderful products spread organically quickly, and unexpectedly, this small feminine need has grown into something important for many. This is how Reenuks OÜ was born, which is behind Linea Shop.
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