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Country: Austria
Industry: personal-care-and-cosmetics
Target Countries: Austria, Switzerland, Germany,
About Us: General Information: With over 15 years of experience in the cosmetics sector, an existing customer base and professional knowledge of cosmetic products we are ready to introduce your brand on the German speaking market. With an already established customer base in Austria/Germany/Switzerland (DACH) – consisting of pharmacies, drugstores, big retail chains, plastic surgeons, cosmeticians etc., establishing your brand in Austria would lead to fast success. Our company was founded in 2006. We have been the general distributor for a German skincare brand (Dermasence) in Austria. At the end of 2015 the brand was resold to the producer. Since 2014 we have established several brands in the cosmetic sector – each with it‘s own target group and unique properties. The customers here are pharmacies, drugstores, beauticians, doctors, gift shops, bio shops, etc. A perfect business strategy, an excellent team, the will to success and ambition is the basis for our success. We know the market and the decision makers /the buyers of the KEY ACCOUNTS Company History The new customer acquisition in the first year I have made myself all over Austria (with one secretary and one assistant in the office). With much energy and ambition, I have established the so far unknown brand in Austria in a very short time. At the beginning of my work in Austria, nobody knew the brand.  Meanwhile Dermasence is known throughout Austria each pharmacist. I am/we are known – in the branche/Austrian market. In year 2, I employed 2 sales representatives who visited existing customers. From that time on i was in charge of the VIP customers and focused on getting new customers. At the moment we work with 4 sales reps. Further expanding our sales reps team is also my responsibilty now. This system has proved to be very successful and until now continues to be,  I transfer the new customers only to my sales reps, if it runs well. Since I'm still travelling across Austria, I‘am also visiting customers who would otherwise be cared by my sales force. This means I'm not only a boss that does administrative work, but I am at the POS almost every day. So I know the market and the decision makers and I am always in contact with the customers/the market. In Austria, there are 1300 pharmacies, 600 of whom are our customers plus 150 drugstores, plus approximately 20 other customer-groups. Since the start in 2006 we make for our customers periodical product trainings in the big cities as well as directly with the customer and participate in relevant trade fairs.
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