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Company: Onaki B.V.
Country: Netherlands (Holland, Europe)
Industry: personal-care-and-cosmetics
Target Countries: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden,
About Us: Onaki Group is 100% niche focus - strictly beauty and care. The Company is founded in 2018 by Simon J. van der Graaf and Kasper Falke Jensen. Besides distribution, we are a boutique consulting firm focused retail marketing, human capital and business development. Direct Distribution is the keyword for Onaki Independent, the distribution leg of our business. We believe you only need one European warehouse. All deliveries from there directly to the retailers - cut as many layers as possible. Optimising cost structure and business model to secure our clients remain competitive is the main goal. Our key account management is no cure no pay based, like traditional distributors.
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