PANDDA creates partnership
around the world

PANDDA loves connecting distributors with
new and exciting Brands from across the world!




Beauty & Personal Care brands looking to strengthen their global presence and enhance their product manufacturing can link to international retailers and distributors whilst also discovering to new suppliers.




Distributors, Retailers & Wholesalers can now be one step ahead by discovering and connecting to new global brands with just a Click.

Save money on travel, hotel stays and exhibitions
by simply following PANDDA's 3 steps:



and register with PANDDA



a branded microsite displaying your product ranges, presentations and promotional videos.



to suppliers, distributors & retailers in your chosen territories

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Distributors and Retailers can sign up and join PANDDA for FREE giving you access to:

  • New & exciting exclusive brands for your territory
  • Visibility to product ranges, presentations
  • Live chat and direct message with brand owners
  • Instant connect notifications with potential new brand partners
  • Options to expand your current brand portfolio
Create your PANDDA Profile Now

  • Connect & Chat

Live Chat
Allowing platform to find brand connections based on profile criteria
Simply login and allow platform to connect you
Connect contact information
Distributor Profile microsite
Request a sample for all connections
Send messages to all connections
Pitch via Zoom Booking Function
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