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Neva Jurman Pauletić from Croatia

Company: Helios Gea d.o.o.
Country: Croatia
Industry: personal-care-and-cosmetics
Target Countries: Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, United States, California,
About Us: The story of Helios Gea company was born in 2009 in Istria-Croatia, charming Mediterranean region rich with truffles, vineyards and olive groves. It was these very olives and their medicinal benefits that caught our attention and became the core of our business in the following years. Thanks to numerous researches, in cooperation with the Italian universities from Lecce and Padua, we have found an innovative way of processing Organic Olive Pulp Biomass for obtaining a health-active element that can be used for cosmetic purposes. Helios Gea is the only world producer of medically approved active element from olive pulp biomass for cosmetic use. By creating completely natural skin care cosmetics branded as 45 Degrees, Helios Gea promotes eco innovations, healthy living, needs and lifestyle of our clients as well as products of excellent premium quality.
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