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Once you have proof of your business model locally and become profitable, you may want to scale and take your product overseas to export markets. In most cases the natural choice will be to source and secure international distributors in each territory to manage and grow your brand. So, how do you find one? First thing you consider is probably hiring an export manager. At this stage you start thinking about how to target new territories and find out that this can easily run into tens of thousands of pounds, euros or dollars, while there are no guarantees that you will secure any distributors.

Here are some
problems you may face:

  • Your product is not in high demand.
  • Your company requires a high capital investment.
  • You are a new brand and don't have enough exposure.
  • A brand with a similar product range which launched earlier may have ruined the reputation of your business concept. This list can go on and on...

This is where
PANDDA comes into play.

We have developed an effective tool to help you find the right distribution partners. Our platform has an ever-expanding database of reliable distributors looking for brands like yours to add to their portfolios. By registering as a brand with PANDDA, you will be matched with the right distributors in your industry & target territories to become your ideal partners.

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