What is PANDDA

Whether you are a Brand or a Distributor, PANDDA is the right place to find your new commercial partner. Our global platform offers an everexpanding database of both Brands and Distributors looking to build successful partnerships which will sustain their business growth. By registering as a Brand, you will be matched with the right Distributors in your target territories that meet your requirements to become your ideal partner. By registering as a Distributor, you will be matched with the right Brands looking for Distributors. You will be able to expand your Company’s brand portfolio and to attract new customers in your territory.

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PANDDA’s Mission

  • Our mission at PANDDA is to help Brands and Distributors enjoy the opportunity of global business growth regardless of their size or industry

PANDDA’s Values

    • Safety and Security:
    • We offer a safe and secure platform for both Brands and Distributors

    • Transparency and Accountability:
    • We ensure Brands and Distributors registered on the platform complete our onboarding process.

    • Customer Focus:
    • We take feedback from our Brands and Distributors and improve the platform & customer service accordingly.


  • 100% transparent system, no hidden costs involved.
  • Fast & simple registration:
    Brands pay monthly based on the number of target countries and completely free for Distributors.
  • Cancel anytime.
  • Quick & smooth matching process.
  • Full access to your prospective partners’ profiles once both parties agree on a match.

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